Author: Basanta Lamsal

13 Oct


Festival to strengthen the bonding among siblings and increase the prosperity of their brother and sisters through ages. Tihar is the second biggest festival after Dashain. This festival is also called Deepawali and this festival is especially celebrated by Hinduism. Tihar is second largest festival after Dashain. Tihar is also called “Festival of Lights” and usually falls in end of October or November. This year it falls from 28th October to 2nd November. The  decoration of houses with beautiful marigold flowers and different lights makes Tihar festival amazing. People clean their house...

30 Sep


The great Hindu festival known as "Dashain" is the longest and must auspicious festival on Nepalese annual calender. Dashain celebrates for the the inevitable victory of virtue over vice of the truth over untruth and justice over injustice. An ancient religious custom is observed every year during late September into early October. It occurs during the bright lunar fortnight ending in the day of full moon. This festival is traditionally celebrated for 2 weeks. In this festive moment family reunions, exchange of gists and blessings are done. In Dashain festival, Goddess...

25 Sep

Mountains of Nepal

The Sanskrit name Himalayas can be separated into two parts, "Him" and "alaya" which means home of the snow. The Himalayas, form a mountain range in Asia that separates plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. Such ranges include the highest on Earth, Mount Everest. These Himalayas include over fifty mountains exceeding 7,200 m (23,600 ft) in elevation.Mountains of Nepal stretches approximately 800 km including eight of the world's fourteen highest peaks in the world. Nepal has more than 250 peaks that have 6,000m in height, thirty over...

world tourism day
11 Sep

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is celebrated in 1980 as International observances on September 27. The main objective to celebrate World Tourism Day is to bring attention to its importance to the international community. It is also a great opportunity to raise awareness as well as a potential contribution to tourism. This year (2019) UNWTO has chosen India as host country with the theme “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future For All”.Nepal, a magical name for a magical place. Located between India and China, this country is surrounded by the beautiful Himalayas,...

19 Aug

Indra Jatra

Kathmandu has a taste of civilization and peace in the soil and climate. Kathmandu is not only a city of gods and temples but also a city of many festivals and ancient civilizations with diversity. Indra Jatra, i.e "Yehya" in the Nepalese language means "celebration inside Kathmandu". Indra Jatra is one of the biggest street festivals celebrated in Basantapur, the ancient settlement of Kathmandu city. This festival was started by King Gunakamadeva in the 10th century to recall and show respect the founding of the Kathmandu city. The celebrations are...

Janai Purnima
11 Aug

Janai Purnima

What is Janai Purnima Festival? Each festival has its own significance and context, and today is the festival of thread and bonding in the mass also called "Janai Purnima & Rakshya Bandhan". The thread, the bond of purity and security. Janai Purnima Festival takes place on the full moon day of August. On the occasion of Janai Purnima Brahmins and Kshatriya, men have been practicing this festival. Today is the day people wear the sacred thread also call "Janai" with a promise to follow the path of truth.In this way, the...

30 Jul

Everest Base Camp Trek in October

Everest Base Camp Trek in October is the best choice because of it of the Autumn in Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the best trekking because of its scenic beauty and the view of the world's tallest mountain Mt. Everest. Reaching to the lap of the World's highest mountain makes you fell beyond the imagination.After the ends of monsoon in August, the Autumn starts and it offers clean weather in Nepal. The temperature in both day and night time will be suitable for trekking.You fell your lungs...

Ultimate Packing List for trekking
30 Jul

Packing List for Trekking in Nepal

Managing the packing list for trekking in Nepal for overnight outside the house is very difficult if you haven't done before. Tourist use to ask us about the Packing of gears for their trekking.The requirement of gears will vary depending on where to travel, size of the group, type of your trip and duration of your trip. Before packing you should ask these question to your self. Are you hiking near a populated area or into a dense forest? Are there any animals or insects? Are you traveling alone or...

Kahphuche Glacial Lake Trek
24 Jul

Kahphuche Glacial Lake Trek

Glacial Lake is basically located at the higher altitude. But Nepal just explores a new glacial lake near sickles which is at the altitude of 2,450 m. Did you ever imagine that glacial lake is situated below half of the world's highest Lake Tilicho Lake (4,919 m)? The newly introduced Kahphuche Glacial Lake Trek takes you to this low altitude lake.  Introduction Kahphuche Glacial Lake Trek leads you to Nepal's Sikles Village.  The name "Kahphuche" came from the local name which means “Kah” - ice; “Phu” - breakdown of ice and “Che”- corner....

21 Jul

Everest Base Camp Trek in July

Sunshine is amazing, rain is refreshing the environment, cool wind braces you up, snow is thrilling; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kind of good weather.Are you planning for your adventure trip to Everest Base Camp Trek in July? Know more about the weather, advantages, disadvantages, and gears to be needed for Everest Base Camp Trek in July.July month in Nepal is monsoon and off-season for trekking. So, the trial will be less crowded than in other months. If you want to travel in peace and...