World Tourism Day

world tourism day
11 Sep

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is celebrated in 1980 as International observances on September 27. The main objective to celebrate World Tourism Day is to bring attention to its importance to the international community. It is also a great opportunity to raise awareness as well as a potential contribution to tourism. This year (2019) UNWTO has chosen India as host country with the theme “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future For All”.

Nepal, a magical name for a magical place. Located between India and China, this country is surrounded by the beautiful Himalayas, Buddhist land, lush greenery, biological and cultural diversity. This is the perfect country to rest your body and soul and take time to commune with nature. Many tourists come to visit Nepal in search of better peace of mind through climbing mountains, hiking, trekking, religious tourism and many more.

As you travel more you learn and experience new things. Nepal is the country of vast mountains, a variety of culture-filled experiences and a vivid spectrum of beauty and colors of the panorama. As you travel to Nepal you will be shifting from relaxing to reflecting. You will reconnect with nature by exploring the off-the-beaten-path, varied landscape, taking mindful walks and observe wild birds and animals. Seek solitude and silence in nature, untouched lands and make space to pause and calm your mind. Relax in the purity of the present moment and find inner peace inside you.

Basanta Lamsal

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